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About the Logo

The Kortney Rose Foundation Logo

Since Kortney was in third grade when diagnosed, she just wanted to play with her friends and be a normal kid.  When Kortney’s friends heard she was sick they all wanted to set up play dates with her. This was awesome for Kortney. One day her friend Collette came over and they were drawing in Kortney’s room. I heard Collette ask, “Kortney, my middle name is Rose too, do you want me to show you how to draw a rose?” They both drew beautiful rose pictures.

When setting up the foundation it was hard to decide on a logo. I asked a professional designer to offer ideas, but I kept coming back to the rose drawing that Kortney made with Collette. The picture she drew was actually much more detailed so we had to simplify it somewhat. It’s a really good rose for a third grader!

Collette is now in college for art and she knows how significant that play date and art lesson was for the Foundation.

Kristen Gillette, Kortney’s Mom, Founder & Executive Director of The Kortney Rose Foundation